How good is your ESG performance?

                                      ESG factors include every business practice related to environmental, social and governance issues.

                                      A defining characteristic of ESG is as a reflection of how a business impacts all of its stakeholders, the supply chain, employees, customers, shareholders, wider community....... and the pressure is intensifying.

                                      Procurement plays a pivotal role in enabling and accelerating ESG goals. Procurement can be the quiet hero in its commitment to ESG, through its work with suppliers, the upstream and downstream of goods and services. The key question is, are you doing enough?


                                      What’s it all about?

                                      FORGE: People Profit, Planet & Procurement is a direct response to our members’ needs to learn more on the integral role of sourcing in achieving corporate ESG goals.

                                      This event will help you to put building blocks in place to promote an ESG mindset within procurement and supplier management and development. Focussing on Environmental and Scope 3, speakers will provide a comprehensive overview and practical advice on next steps to driving the ESG agenda.


                                      What will we be discussing?

                                      • Why ESG is a top priority for key stakeholders
                                      • Breaking down the E, S and G and what ESG specifically means for procurement
                                      • Scope 3 – the procurement bit! What it’s all about and where to start
                                      • How the CSO and CPO can better interface to achieve goals
                                      • Examining skillets and requirements needed in procurement, to better understand sustainability social impact, supplier diversity and more
                                      • Refining measurement and reporting
                                      • Prioritizing ESG in our supplier conversations
                                      • Supplier development and how to work with suppliers to help them improve their own performance
                                      • Exploring the data & technology enabling change



                                      Who should attend?

                                      FORGE: People Profit, Planet & Procurement is designed to drive understanding and best practices for sourcing professionals to increase knowledge and contributions to ESG goals. Whether you are in the early stages of your understanding, or well into your ESG strategy, the program offers thought provoking discussions and practical thinking, to help you and your business thrive with a new mindset.

                                      • CPO / Head of Procurement
                                      • Head of Indirect Procurement
                                      • Head of Global Direct Materials
                                      • Chief/SVP/VP, Supply Chain
                                      • SVP/VP, Strategic Sourcing
                                      • SVP/VP, Supplier Diversity
                                      • Supplier Diversity & Sustainability
                                      • Ethical Sourcing and Sustainability
                                      • Director/Head of Sustainable Procurement
                                      • Responsible Procurement
                                      • Social Responsibility
                                      • Global Economic Inclusion
                                      • Global Supplier Partnerships
                                      • Global Sourcing
                                      • Group Category Lead
                                      • Head Sustainability
                                      • ESG Leader

                                      FEATURED SPEAKERS


                                      Christy Hynes

                                      VP Global Metal Supply Chain & Sustainability
                                      Ball Corporation


                                      Jay Bolus

                                      VP Sustainability
                                      Intertape Polymer Group


                                      Tara Norton

                                      Chief Sustainability Officer


                                      Leslie Lauderbaugh

                                      Director, Supplier Engagement & Development
                                      Kellogg Company


                                      Frances Edmonds

                                      Head of Sustainable Impact
                                      HP Canada


                                      Heather Herndon Wright

                                      Director - Supply Chain Diversity & Sustainability
                                      Vistra Corp.

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                                      Claire Barnes


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                                      Sophie Serhan